About Andy

As a little kid running around my father’s elementary school, I discovered my first computer – and Apple IIe. My little fingers tinkered with that computer and learned everything I could – I played every game and eventually wrote my own. From those days up to now, I can still be found at a keyboard typing and tinkering like crazy.

My life has taken me on many twists and turns – from being a partner in a branding agency, to giving workshops in front of hundreds of people, to culinary school, up to today where lead a team of kick-ass web developers for a large hosting company.

Most recently I’ve discovered the WordPress community by attending several WordCamps and meetups. In the short time I’ve been involved, I’ve made lifelong friends, garnered lessons in both technology and life, and even had the privilege to speak at WordCamp Omaha.

In my spare time you might hear me singing with Measure for Measure Chorus, chatting away on my HAM radio, or cooking up my latest batch of Julia Child’s White Sandwich Bread.

Looking forward to 2017 and beyond, I hope to get more involved with WordPress, make a better show of keeping this blog updated, and finally round out my WAS HAM radio award (come on Alaska and Hawaii!!)