IoT Data Management with the TIG Stack

February 26, 2017By AndyHobbies, IoT 4 Comments

The TIG stack is a modification of the TICK stack, which is a group of applications provided by InfluxData. It is comprised of applications that receive, store, visualize, and act on time-based data. We’ll only be using the “T” and “I” components of the TICK stack (Telegraf and InfluxDB) and we’ll be adding the “G” … Read More

NodeMCU IoT – First Thoughts

January 4, 2017By AndyHobbies 2 Comments

I’ve tinkered with microcontrollers on-and-off quite a bit throughout my life, mostly sticking with the Arduino boards. My first one was an Arduino Duemilanove circa 2009. As part of a larger project I wanted to dive into something a bit more advanced. By sheer coincidence I came across an advertisement for a NodeMCU. For under $5 … Read More

WordPress + git + nginx = dev workflow success!

December 20, 2016By AndyTroubleshooting, WordPress No Comments

I’ve placed myself on a path to better get a grip on git and actually use it in my day-to-day development of this site. In looking up the best practices for running WordPress under git, I ran into a handy slide deck from my WordCamp Columbus buddy @stevegrunwell titled Keeping WordPress Under [Version] Control with GIT. How fancy!

Blots, Pens, and Whatnot

December 16, 2016By AndyHobbies No Comments

If you noticed the tagline of my site “Ink Blots and Other Thoughts” you may be curious about the whole “blots” part of that. Short answer is, I have a slight obsession with fountain pens.I bought my first fountain pen on eBay, it was a very cheap vintage Arnold pen. It’s a small, finicky, but … Read More