Frigging Analytics Spam Bots

December 15, 2016By AndyTroubleshooting, WordPress No Comments

I haven’t had Google Analytics installed on this site for quite some time. Knowing that, you’ll understand why I was surprised to log into GA to get my tracking code, only to see 178 “visits” to my site in the last 30 days. Quickly my hatred of Google Analytics spam came flowing back into my … Read More

OOPS! Don’t forget your WordPress URL when enabling SSL!

December 15, 2016By AndyTroubleshooting, WordPress No Comments

Making progress on getting my personal site up-to-snuff, I installed JetPack and ran into some strange issues trying to enable features. I kept getting errors such as “Failed to fetch” when toggling settings in JetPack. Using Chrome’s developer tools, I noticed Chrome was blocking admin.js from being called due to mixed-content errors. I immediately suspected … Read More

2017 WordPress Theme Review

December 14, 2016By AndyWordPress No Comments

Every time a new WordPress theme has come out, my response has been something akin to “oh, that’s nice” and I have moved on. The 2017 is the first time I’ve actually been excited about the default theme.

The irony of starting over.

October 20, 2016By AndyThoughts No Comments

In a fit of irony, considering I have trashed and re-created countless times, today’s post is about starting from scratch, and the perilous journey that awaits those who choose to do so.