IoT Data Management with the TIG Stack

The TIG stack is a modification of the TICK stack, which is a group of applications provided by InfluxData. It is comprised of applications that receive, store, visualize, and act on time-based data. We’ll only be using the “T” and “I” components of the TICK stack (Telegraf and InfluxDB) and we’ll be adding the “G” as Grafana for our visualization. Continue reading “IoT Data Management with the TIG Stack”

IoT Remote Relay with NodeMCU/ESP8266, MQTT/Mosquitto, and Node Red – Part I

My newest hobby is mucking around with the Internet of Things (IoT). A while back I bought several NodeMCU’s from eBay for almost nothing. Along with a relay board (also from eBay), some creative wiring, and a bit of software, I’ve managed to put together a neato remote controlled relay board. In this demo I’ll actually use two NodeMCU’s, one to handle capturing some data from some sensors, and another as part of the relay build.

If you follow this tutorial in entirety, you’ll get a completely functional system where you can remotely turn outlets on/off, and add rules and logic to your setup to do have the outlets turn on and off under certain situations. We’ll be setting our system up to turn on an outlet when our sensor node detects humidity over a certain level.
Continue reading “IoT Remote Relay with NodeMCU/ESP8266, MQTT/Mosquitto, and Node Red – Part I”